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Food Composition Data France

The nutrient datasheets from the French Agency for food, environmental and occupational health safety present the contents of different components (carbohydrates, proteins, fat and fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, etc.) and energy values for each type food. The data are always given for 100 g of the edible portion of the food. The current version of the French food composition table is from 2016 and contains average nutrient information for 61 components in 2642 food items.

The table contains the following columns:

ORIGGPCD;ORIGGPFR;ORIGFDCD;ORIGFDNM;Energie, Règlement UE N° 1169/2011 (kJ/100g);Energie, Règlement UE N° 1169/2011 (kcal/100g);Energie, N x facteur Jones, avec fibres (kJ/100g);Energie, N x facteur Jones, avec fibres (kcal/100g);Eau (g/100g);Protéines (g/100g);Protéines brutes, N x 6.25 (g/100g);Glucides (g/100g);Lipides (g/100g);Sucres (g/100g);Amidon (g/100g);Fibres alimentaires (g/100g);Polyols totaux (g/100g);Cendres (g/100g);Alcool (g/100g);Acides organiques (g/100g);AG saturés (g/100g);AG monoinsaturés (g/100g);AG polyinsaturés (g/100g);AG 4:0, butyrique (g/100g);AG 6:0, caproïque (g/100g);AG 8:0, caprylique (g/100g);AG 10:0, caprique (g/100g);AG 12:0, laurique (g/100g);AG 14:0, myristique (g/100g);AG 16:0, palmitique (g/100g);AG 18:0, stéarique (g/100g);AG 18:1 9c (n-9), oléique (g/100g);AG 18:2 9c,12c (n-6), linoléique (g/100g);AG 18:3 c9,c12,c15 (n-3), alpha-linolénique (g/100g);AG 20:4 5c,8c,11c,14c (n-6), arachidonique (g/100g);AG 20:5 5c,8c,11c,14c,17c (n-3) EPA (g/100g);AG 22:6 4c,7c,10c,13c,16c,19c (n-3) DHA (g/100g);Cholestérol (mg/100g);Sel chlorure de sodium (g/100g);Calcium (mg/100g);Chlorure (mg/100g);Cuivre (mg/100g);Fer (mg/100g);Iode (µg/100g);Magnésium (mg/100g);Manganèse (mg/100g);Phosphore (mg/100g);Potassium (mg/100g);Sélénium (µg/100g);Sodium (mg/100g);Zinc (mg/100g);Rétinol (µg/100g);Beta-Carotène (µg/100g);Vitamine D (µg/100g);Vitamine E (mg/100g);Vitamine K1 (µg/100g);Vitamine K2 (µg/100g);Vitamine C (mg/100g);Vitamine B1 ou Thiamine (mg/100g);Vitamine B2 ou Riboflavine (mg/100g);Vitamine B3 ou PP ou Niacine (mg/100g);Vitamine B5 ou Acide pantothénique (mg/100g);Vitamine B6 (mg/100g);Vitamine B9 ou Folates totaux (µg/100g);Vitamine B12 (µg/100g)


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